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Yes, Capricorns are serious, but they enter love with seriousness as well.They’re beautiful creatures, with a lot of feelings sealed within them, they think of them as a supposed ”curse”. They think of them as a curse because of how vulnerable they may seem, how soft they may seem that you can stick a knife through their softness. If they’re followed and supported by positivism and optimism they can achieve their peace and ability to express themselves. Otherwise depression, melancholy feelings will stick with them. But given the strength of optimism, light, hope they can achieve great power other than their ambition, endurance, intelligence.

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So I’m in his room by myself lol He’s out at a family outing, and I’m just chilling in his room til he gets back… I’m sure I could of gone if I insisted but he sees it as a just family event and I’m fine with it. So I’m all good with being without him for a couple hours.

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So I’ve been enjoying myself despite it not being perfect, we’re not exactly normal. We don’t talk for hours at time, we mostly just relax and do stuff online, watch movies and such. Which is all fine with me. =P
I just wish our sleeping patterns were matched up which is all his fault, I changed it to his the first day, then he messed his up. And I am too relaxed and comfortable. I find it hard to sleep normally, but with him I fall asleep easily. =P Maybe it’ll fix soon. I sure hope so lol