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Anonymous asked, "Thank You so much for all ur advices And ur Help! I feel better now! I guess all i can do is Wait! Im really grateful with You! I hope be able to talk with him soon !"

You’re welcome I’m glad I was able to help. I hope that your bf comes online and talks to you soon, until then do your best to keep busy. ^^

Anonymous asked, "We have Been dating for Almost 6 months! We dont talk Everyday, because sometimes he is too busy with work, but this time it is so Long! No its normal. By the way he is from China, And im from central América, so We are so far And i can't call him! I can't Help think the worst :("

Well if its been a half year so I don’t think he would just leave and lose interest that easily, and I don’t find a week to be too long. He might just be busy with work or maybe he’s behind on paying his internet bill or something like that. I would just wait, he should come back on and then you can ask about what happened. I would suggest getting some other way to contact him, even if its just in emergency’s. Try and not think about it, I find it helps to keep yourself busy to try and keep your mind off of worrying or thinking the worst.

Anonymous asked, "So im the same girl write a while ago! I dont have other way to contact him! I dont know what to do... I mean, the last time We talk he wa so sweetie.. Can someone change their Feelings so fast? Im soooo sad And worry :("

Well it might not be his feeling that changed, with only being able to contact someone online, they can get grounded or end up being too busy to go online. I’ve had my SO get grounded before, luckily he knew my number and snuck a phone call to me to tell me about it… Just try and wait and not worry too much, keep yourself busy, How long have you two been dating?

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Anonymous asked, "Hi! My ldb have more than one week dont talk to me, here is not online Nd i can't contact him! It is too hard, i dont know why this is happend! I feel so sad! Im afraid he will leave me or something! I really live him! :( What should i do?"

Hello there, so he hasn’t been online for one week, Do you have any way to contact him, like a phone number or something like that. Did he say that he wouldn’t be on for awhile or anything like that? He could be grounded, or something like that depending. If you don’t have a way to contact him besides online then you might have to wait it out.

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Now, here we go.

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