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I put up one auction for a sticker, but other than that I’ve been doing the same with the offers mostly videos and survey’s.

4416milesapart replied to your post: “Yeah It’s really great, though I just found it recently…”:
I havent put up my first auction or anything, but I been doing the offers and all and getting more points

Yeah It’s really great, though I just found it recently lol

No matter where we are, we will always be under the same sky.

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Is helpful in getting free stuff and getting rid of stuff you don’t need. I find it helpful for getting yourself something when you can’t afford it due to other expenses (Like paying for plan tickets and such lol) It’s free to join of course, its kinda like Ebay but with no money (except in shipping charges if it doesn’t have free shipping which I don’t go for ones like that.) Click the link above to join. Just thought I’d share.

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