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About You

Age: 22
Home town country: Canada
Hair color: Brown
Eye color: Brown

About Him

Age: 22
Home town country: USA
Hair color: Black
Eye color: Brown

About you two

When did you two begin dating?
In Feb of 2008
How long has it been since?
Over 6 years
What did you think of him?
I thought he was fun to talk to originally just saw him as a random online friend who wasn’t too important
What did he think of you?
Not sure, but probably thought I was cute or something?
Who asked who?
He asked me
Did you like him before he asked you?
Mhm, we were flirting and such before he asked me
How old were you two?
Both of us were 16
What did you think of it at first?
I thought he was out of my league, but he was so nerdy and dorky that it was easy to talk to him :)
How long have you two known each other?
6 and a half years?
Has it been a good relationship so far?
It has, I’ve gained and grew so much with it.
Has it been worth it?
Hells yeah
Do you think it will continue?
I sure hope so

More About Your Relationship

Do you guys have a special place?
Nope we don’t lol hard when we don’t live in the same place
Cutest thing he’s ever done?
He does a lot of things I secretly think is cute
Cutest thing you’ve ever done?
II do a lot of cute things around him… like whine and pout lol
Best gift he’s ever gave you?
  We’re not much in to gift giving, but I got his hoodie
Do you have a “song”?
No an official one
Any inside jokes?
Insulting eachother, complaining about eachother?
Where did your first kiss take place?
His room
How far have you gone?
All the way
Do you regret anything about it?
None at all
Where was your most memorable experience?
In the US? Since hes never visited Canada
Could you give up something for him?
Of course I could
Is he your first anything?
First Love, first actual boyfriend, first sexual partner
Are you HIS first anything?
I think his first love… for sure his first sexual partner.
Would you change anything about your relationship?
Not really, it could be better but I feel it needs to get there on its own
Has he ever cheated on you?
Have you ever cheated on him?
Have you two broken up before?
Mhm we have
Why did you get back together?
We haven’t
Have you talked to any of his ex-girlfriends?
Not that I remember/know of.
Has he talked to any of your ex-boyfriends?
I guess, though I didn’t actual date the guy… in my opinion.
Do you think he would go behind your back?
He might, but it would be to help me in some way.
Do you get jealous easily?
Unfortunately… more than I admit
Does he?
Rarely, he doesn’t like jealousy
Do you think he’d make a good father?
He’d be alright I think, but not 100% sure.
Would you even have children with him?
If he wanted and we were ready for them.
Do you even want to get married to him?
Marriage isnt a big deal for me, but yes
Where would you want to live?
With him.

Has he/you ever..? And other questions.

Has he ever swept you off your feet?
Mhm, he has
Kissed you in the rain?
Fought with a guy for saying something about you?
Would he even fight for you?
Only if he had to protect me and had a chance of winning
Have you two ever had someone try to break you two up?
Has he ever bought you anything expensive?
Nope that he hasnt
Has he ever made you feel warm & fuzzy?
Yeah he has
Have you two ever gone away with each other?
Would you make it long distance?
Have you two ever gotten into a fight?
Some arguments, nothing I’d see as a big fight though
A physical fight?
Unless a tickle fight counts, no
Has he ever written you a letter?
Gone to a family function of his?
Or has he gone to one of yours?
Have you ever gotten into it with a girl about him?
Does it count if its with my friends?
Has he ever opened any doors for you?
Yeah he has
Have you two ever spent the night together?
Yep, whenever we met
Showered together?
Nope, probably won’t either, he might be a little self conscious
Been absolutely, ridiculously silly?
Not sure what that counts as

Random questions!

How much do you love him?
More than I am able to express and willing to admit
What would he do for you?
Almost anything.
What would you do for him?
Anything, I’m more selfless than he is.
How often do you two talk?
At least every week, sometimes daily or every couple days
When is your actual anniversary?
I count the day we met as our anniversary type thing
Does his family like you?
The ones that have met me yeah
Does yours like him?
They haven’t met him
How long do you plan on being with him?
As long as he’ll let me, I’m hoping til my dying day.
Anyone disapprove?
Yep, some family of his and mine, and even a close friend of mine does
Has anyone ever tried to interfere?
How often do you two argue?
We don’t seriously argue much
Do you like it when he surprises you?
He doesn’t surprise me too much
When do you feel closest to him?
When we’re together
Do you prefer his hugs or kisses?
Would you change anything about him?
Maybe him being more open but well I’d rather him just open up on his own and not change him
Would he change anything about you?
Not that I know of
What’s his best trait?
Maybe his logic
What do you love most about him?
I can’t choose just one thing
Have you ever gotten on his Myspace/facebook?
Yeah I don’t have any of them now though =P
Do you trust him?
With my life
Does he trust you?
More than anyone else
Do you guys tell each other everything?
Most things, not everything though, that’s impossible .-.
Any secrets?
Pretty sure there is
What’s your favorite thing to do together?
Anything we do together I enjoy
What reminds you of him?
Lots of things, we have lots in common so
What would you compare your relationship to?
I don’t compare it to anything
Has it been an easy relationship?
Hells no, long distance isnt easy at all
What’s the hardest thing you’ve overcome?
Haven’t overcome it yet
Do you talk every day?

Final Questions.

Do you truly love him?
Does he make you happy?
Happier than I ever been.

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More Facts on Psychofacts :)